Stock binary options

Trade on the “blue chips”

24bulls offers a wide variety of “blue-chip” stocks, or Fortune 500 companies to trade on including Citigroup, Barclays, General Electric, BP and more.  Trade on sector or individual stock trends in both rising and falling market conditions.  Decide whether the individual stock price is overvalued, that is whether it will fall in the short-term, or undervalued, that is whether it will rise in the short-term.   If you believe it will fall, buy binary PUT options on your favorite stocks.  If you believe it will rise, buy binary CALL options.

24bulls enables you to consult with a dedicated Account Manager on market updates in real-time, such as a company’s pending release of its financial results.   Decide whether momentum in leading sectors is a good idea to trade a bank stock, go short on an energy company following an increase in global oil supply and expected lower prices.  The possibilities on trading binary stock options are endless.